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We know that the original source, the Public Sector Contracting Portal, contained errors, probably from data entry into the systems by the public entities. We have worked on the data with the greatest possible rigor, but if you find any flaws in them or in our analysis, please write to us at and we will be happy to correct it. We study the genetic diversity of entomopathogenic agents to develop realistic and effective alternatives for pest control. Tekniker is currently involved in the development of a robot that can move autonomously inside greenhouses, provides early pest detection and sprays pesticides.
Several different areas have been fitted out for cleaning, preparation, conditioning, conservation and restoration. Before any intervention, the items are studied and analysed to determine the material, technique and state of conservation, and the best treatment is decided upon accordingly. The website uses cookies when a user navigates through the websites and web pages of the Portal. The cookies used in the websites and web pages of the Portal are only associated with the browser of a given computer , and without providing the name and surname of the User. Thanks to cookies, it is possible for the website to recognise the browsers used by the registered Users once they have registered for the first time, without having to re-register each time at every visit to access the areas and services reserved exclusively for same. The cookies used cannot read the cookie files created by other providers.

It is clear that ads for masks + distance + hand washing do meet these requirements, but is less clear that ads for forest fire prevention campaigns, economic reactivation plans or -the most common ones- tourism promotion campaigns should qualify. The fourth is Abbott, which contracted for 111 million euros over 103 emergency contracts, the vast majority of which was for the purchase of antigen diagnostic tests, since they market one of the most effective of these tests. The technology centre, moreover, has included the robotic arm used to manipulate plants on the platform itself and to perform inspections without losing sight of personal safety issues or variable environmental conditions. Specifically, the centre has developed AI pest detection technologies for tomatoes and crop inspections for which the robotic arm is used.
The data used in this article comes from the Public Sector Contracting Platform , where the majority of Spanish public entities publish procurement data. We have downloaded all contracts published from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020. In addition, we have also added the contracts that some regional administrations publish on their own websites and only summarise on the PLCSP. The goal was to create a comprehensive database for understanding emergency procurement in 2020 and detect potential abuses of the rules. Yet public officials signed numerous emergency contracts to promote tourism. The Consell Insular de Eivissa did not bother to justify its emergency procurement of tourism advertising even though justifications are mandatory.

These contain novel active ingredients with an increased efficacy and enhanced range of insecticidal action and are formulated so that they preserve their insecticidal potency when stored at room temperature. The conservation department also supervises, monitors and works on portable cultural items from the provincial collections held at other sites, as well as any other important items of Gipuzkoa's heritage that the corresponding committees may decide on. FlyFree is an electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing concept based on four quadcopters attached to a main cabin. DARTS is a remotely operated robotic remote material handling system in industrial and surgical or difficult-to-access environments. Our experience enables us to design, control and automate mechatronic systems and provide them with control and decision-making software so that they can adapt to changes in their environment autonomously.
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The General State Administration spent more than half of those 6.445 billion euros. Almost all of the emergency spending was by the Ministry of Health. Some 98% of the Ministry of Health’s procurement in 2020 was awarded via emergency rules. Among the autonomous communities, Catalonia and Madrid spent the most.

Spending on social services and computing also stands out, in the latter case to meet the increased needs of remote working. With these rules on the table, in the midst of pandemic chaos, between thousands and thousands of emergency contracts, some crept in that, at first glance, do not seem to support the fight against the virus or to follow from the Council of Ministers’ decision. One of the most common examples is institutional advertising campaigns.
And, of course, it would not be a catastrophe or serious danger to host a parade without camels. Something similar happened in Cádiz, but in this case their emergency need for the holidays were Transformers and illuminated stars. Due to their more limited competencies and budgets, local governments made up a smaller share of emergency procurement. But the city of Madrid, which spent 45 million euros on emergency procurement, stands out. Among the masks and tests, Madrid issued a contract for a censer to hold a flame in honour of the victims of COVID-19.

The GreenPatrol solution for integral crop pest control is now in the prototype stage for tomatoes and is almost ready to be validated in real environments. The mobile robot shall be tested at an agricultural greenhouse in Lezama in the first half of 2020. Once this stage has is over, the goal will consist in finishing the project to end in June with a prototype for commercial application prior to being launched into the market. The website may contain inaccuracies, relevant omissions, falsehoods or errata. GOIZPER S. COOP does not warrant, in either event, the veracity, accuracy and the up to date nature of the data included in its website. The user who access shall exempt GOIZPER S. COOP from any liability whatsoever as regards the reliability, usefulness or false expectations that this website may produce whilst browsing the contents thereof.
But, even before the pandemic, administrations did not always follow these rules. On 2 January 2020 the Canary Islands municipality of Icod used this system to rent three camels for Three Kings Day. It was not enough, in the municipality’s justification, to issue a minor contract. They needed even more flexibility, and they also awarded it on an emergency basis. They had little time left, it’s true, but it is also true that the Kings come every year on the same day and the parade was therefore predictable.
We also provide advice, proof of concept, technological development and turnkey integrations. Furthermore, we coordinate the robotics node of the Basque Digital Innovation Hub. We design new robots and automated systems , provide them with decision-making power, automate industrial processes, take care of human-robot interaction and increase people's skills. The inclusion of hyperlinks in , does not necessarily imply that GOIZPER S. COOP maintains commercial relations or associative links with the owner of the website where the link is established. The user is hereby advised that the use of the services of this website entails the storage of the user's IP address for security reasons.

No false or incorrect statements shall be made concerning GOIZPER S. COOP. Neither shall it be declared or implied that GOIZPER S. COOP has authorised the link or has supervised or endorsed in any manner whatsoever the services offered or made available on the website from which the link is inserted. Research, development, formulation and marketing specialists, both biocidal products as well as advanced formulations, which enable the company to obtain effective and sustainable crop pest problems, environmental and foodstuff safety and environmentally friendly solutions. Classification of emergency contracts of all public administrations published in 2020. Launched in 2016 as a spin Control de plagas Gipuzkoa off company of the Universidad Pública de Navarra, BIOINSECTIS SL promotes the development of novel microbial pesticides, through strategic collaborations with companies that wish to incorporate microbial-based products into their catalogue. We develop innovative biological control agents with the purpose of reducing or eliminating the application of synthetic chemical pesticides and, as a consequence, improve food safety. In its capacity as a technological member of the European Green Patrol project, Tekniker was asked to develop an inspection system based on Deep Learning technology that detects pests and allows the robot to establish the most suitable chemical treatment.

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