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Varanus oxyi (Hoser, 2020). Snake catcher Stewart Gatt was called to a site under the West Gate Bridge at Spotswood on Sunday to retrieve the stripey snake catcher reptile. Varanus dorisioi (Hoser, 2020). Bees and wasps killed 27 people, Only one case of a beekeeper and one case of a snake catcher recorded.

In 2012, Hoser received criticism from several crocodile zoologists after he named what he claimed to be new species of pygmy freshwater crocodile , based on a single population discovered in 1979 in the upper Liverpool River in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia by noted zoologist and current IUCN Crocodile Specialist Group Chair Grahame Webb.
Ray Hoser has trained people in all parts of Australia, including New South Wales, Melbourne and Victoria, Queensland, the ACT, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia, the Northern Territory and places overseas such as the United States of America, the UK and Africa.

My main concerns for the occupants of the property are accidentally stepping on a snake, very rare (see picture below) Or your canines getting bitten. To ensure the safety of your family and pets, contact Pestline and we will get a professional and highly trained snake catcher to come out to your property to ensure your safety, by capturing the snake.
His quick reflexes saved him, but reminded Pelley just how vulnerable snake catchers are on the job. Snake Catcher and Snake Removal services around the Eastern and Northern suburbs of Melbourne. As the warm weather arrives, more and more snakes will be emerging, making it a busy time for Gatt.
The snake man, Ray Hoser has been using his expertise to train others how to handle venomous snakes for more than fourty years. Snakes that may not be venomous may include the Green Tree Snake and the Carpet Python. One particular day Eastern Brown Snakes were sited all over Melbourne, most quickly disappearing frantically in search of a rodent or two.

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