The 2 Best Auckland Wedding Venues

Planning the perfect getaway for two in New Zealand? There will be the perfect car around at the perfect price and this can add to your day like it is meant to. Normally however if you ask around your family it is highly likely that they will know someone that can provide you with the car you want that is sometimes free.
If you choose to have a destination wedding, it is up to you and your spouse-to-be to book flights and hotel accommodations for your guests. Flights Auckland wedding venues and private transfers from the UK will cost you £1,910 per person, or $2,875.25 USD, for two people staying in a deluxe double room for 7 nights.

There will definitely be a venue that will live up to your wedding dreams, with indoor and outdoor venues, wineries, vineyards or even stunning old art-deco buildings. Bush and Beach Tours, some of Auckland's most popular interactive guided eco tours, offer half- or full-day tours to the Coastal Rainforest, the black sand beaches of the wild west coast, the Great Barrier Island, and Coromandel Peninsula.
In some cases, the couple will pay for all of their guests or family members to come with them, while other couples might invite people on the premise that they pay their own way and make their own reservations. The wedding packages are subject to tax, but would cost around £157 per person, or $236.36 USD.

The average wedding cost for most couples is approximately $50,000. Who wouldn't want a wedding outside in the Bay of Islands' surreal scenery. The further in advance the reservations are booked, the more likely a couple is to have their wedding at their original destination of choice.
This sumptuous location costs from £3,785 per couple, or $5,700 USD. If not from the area, and, let's face it, not many people are, there are a couple ways you might plan your glacier wedding. After the wedding ceremony the priest would bless and pass around wine, cakes and other sweets.
Packed with fascinating New Zealand history including the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, as well as plenty of beaches, the Bay of Islands is the perfect place for a romantic summer wedding, with lots of activities for your guests to take part in while they are there.

Auckland has something to offer everyone, including an array of outdoor activities, art and culture venues, shopping, dining and night life. A dream for an extravagant wedding should be celebrated at the city's most prestigious venue, the Auckland Museum. New Zealand most populated city, it's also home to the most weddings.
This beautiful Wanaka wedding venue seatss up to 124 guests, as well as having accomodation for 18 guests, perhaps perfect for your bridal party or close family. As well as being a region where you can find a fantastic wedding venue in New Zealand, Nelson offers a complete package for an intimate escape afterwards.

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